1.People need to know one another to be at their honest best.


  -(Robbins Staca(英國作家斯達卡)

  2.Admonish your friends privately, but praise them openly.


  -Publius Syrus(敘利亞作家西拉丁)

  3.All happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.


  -Leo Tolstoy(俄國文學家托爾斯泰)

  4.Friendship is both a source of pleasure and a component of good health.


  -Ralph Waldo Emerson(美國思想家愛默生)

  5.If you don’t learn to think when you are young, you may never learn.


  -Thomas Edison(美國發明家愛迪生)

  6.Whoever is in a hurry shows that the thing he is about is too big for him.


  -Philip Dormer Chesterfield(英國政治家切斯特菲爾德)

  7.It takes a lot of thought and effort and downright determination to be agreeable.


  -Ralph Waldo Emerson(美國思想家愛默生)

  8.When work is a pleasure, life is joy! When work is duty, life is slavery.


  -Maxim Gorky(俄國作家高爾基)

  9.It is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do.


  -Winston Churchill(英國首相,邱吉爾)

  10.A man is called selfish, not pursuing his own good, but neglecting his neighbour’s.


  -Richard Whately (美國牧師惠特利)

  11.People need to know one another to be at their honest best.


  -(Robbins Staca(英國作家斯達卡)

  12.One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning.


  -James Russell Lowell(英國詩人洛威爾)

  13.Throughout life, we rely on small groups of people for love, admiration, respect, moral support and help.

  整個一生, 我們都有賴於從一些人群中獲得友愛、賞識、尊重、道義支持和幫助.

  -Ralph Waldo Emerson(美國思想家愛默生)

  14.He that will not allow his friend to share the prize must not expect him to share the danger.



  15.No man is the whole of himself; his friends are the rest of him.


  -Harry Emerson Fosdick(美國牧師福斯迪克)

  16.Treat other people as you hope they will treat you.



  17.Experience more than sufficiently teaches that men govern nothing with more difficult than their tongues.


  -Bendict de Spinoza(荷蘭哲學家斯賓諾沙)

  18.The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.


  -Winston Churchill(英國政治家邱吉爾)

  19.The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.


  -Burke Edmund(英國政治家埃德蒙)

  20.If you fight for yourself, only you can win; when you fight for your marriage, you both win.


  -Pearsall Paul(美國哲學家保羅)

  21.When you want knowledge like you want air under water then you will get it.



  22.Behavior is a mirror in which every one shows his image.


  -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe(德國詩人歌德)

  23.There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize.


  -Robert Half(英國作家哈夫)

  24.The more we do, the more we can do; the more busy we are, the more leisure we have.


  -William Hazlitt(英國評論家哈滋里特)

  25.A man, like a watch, is to be valued by this manner of going.


  -William Penn(英國海軍上將佩恩)

  26.The tragedy of the world is that those who are imaginative have but slight experience, and those who are experienced have feeble imagination.


  -Alfred North Whitehead(英國哲學家懷特海)

  27.The way to win an atomic war is to make certain it never starts.


  -Bradley Omar(美國上將奧馬爾)

  28.Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.


  -Dan Stanfort(美國實業家斯坦福)

  29.Activity is the only road to knowledge . (George Bernard Shaw , British dramatist)

  行動是通往知識的唯一道路 . (英國劇作家 肖伯納. G.)

  30.A free man obtains knowledge from many sources 1 besides books . (Thomas Jefferson , American president)

  一個自由的人除了從書本上獲取知識外,還可以從許多別的來源獲得知識.(美國總統 傑斐遜 . T.)

  31A great part to the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way. (Adams Franklin , American humorist )

  我的大部分知識都是這樣獲得的:在尋找某個資料時意外的發現了另上的資料.(美國幽默作家 富蘭克林. A.)

  32.If a man empties his purse into his head , no man can take it away from him , an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest . (Benjamin Franklin , American president )

  傾已所有追求知識,沒有人能奪走它;向知識投資,收益最佳.(美國總統 富蘭克林. B.)

  33.Imagination is more important than knowledge .(Albert Einstein , American scientist )

  想像力比知識更為重要. (美國科學家 愛因斯坦. A. )

  34.Knowledge is power . (Francis Bacon , British philosopher )

  知識就是力量. (英國哲學家 培根. F.)

  35.The empty vessels make the greatest sound . (William Shakespeare , British dramatist )

  滿瓶不響,半瓶咣當. (英國劇作家 莎士比亞. W.)

  36.Love is ever the beginning of knowledge as fire is of light.


  -Thomas Carlyle(英國歷史學家卡萊爾)


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